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The gallery section of this website is being refreshed.

Although we have completed a considerable number of jobs over the years, ranging from internal and external work done at small domestic houses, through to offices, restaurants, shops, factories, car showrooms, shopping centres, multi-millionaire mansions, we do not have many pictures that we can display on here at the moment, for privacy reasons. As we get permission to show our work, we will add new pictures.

We are planning to show some before and after pictures too, and also show some video footage of how we achieve such high standards.

Dining Room

Dining Room picture The picture of this dining room, demonstrates a classical room with two wallpapers, separated by a dado rail.


Stairs picture The stairway picture here was painted in a sand-stone effect. Notice how the candle stick holders have been painted to match.


The Hallway which leads to the stairs was naturally painted in the sand-stone effect. Please notice how the paint makes the wall look like it is made up of large blocks, and notice how the walls are smooth without any dints, holes, cracks or imperfections.

Hallway 1 picture Hallway 2 picture Hallway 3 picture

Hair Salon

Highly recommended salon - sleek and stylish

This is a salon we decorated, in Ashton-under-lyne, which is highly recommended.

The salon was completely redecorated. The mirror on the feature wall was fixed, so we wallpapered around it, of course pattern matching. The wood work, ceilings, other walls, and other rooms were done too.